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Langkawi Trekking and Hiking
Panorama Langkawi

Panorama Langkawi

Trekking and Hiking in Langkawi

For a trekker, every hike is a new adventure. And what can be a better place to have the best adventures than Langkawi?

The island of Langkawi is not very popular for hiking, specifically free trekking. However, the two famous mountains- Gunung Raya and Gunung Matcincang, are a hiker’s dream. You can submit both of these mountains for free.

What more? Apart from these two mountains, Skytrail and Gunung Mat Cincang Jungle also offer great hiking spots.

Let’s start with the most famous site.

Langkawi Rainforest Trek- Gunung Raya

Gunung Raya is a dream come true for all hikers; for one thing, it’s free. The mountain range spans over 12000 acres of land and features a range of beautiful animals and birds. Moreover, it is the highest peak of Langkawi at 881m above sea level and offers the most relaxing environment.

If you are a beginner, Gunung Raya makes a perfect trek to enjoy your hiking hobby. You can trek to the mountain either in the early morning or after dark. The trek’s duration is around 4-hours and you get a choice to walk uphill along the road or take a stairway of about 400 steps to reach the summit from the base.

Gunung Mat Cincang Jungle

Gunung Mat Cincang Jungle is the ultimate paradise for nature lovers as it features a range of rare bird species and tree species. The trek also takes you through the dense rainforest of tall trees, orchids, and bushes, and a beautiful jungle stream where you can enjoy a rejuvenating swim.

Although the hike lasts only 3-hours, the whole experience will surely last you a lifetime. The trek allows you to set foot on Gunung Mat Cincang Mountain that is around 550 million years old. Isn’t that exhilarating?

Skytrail Trek

Skytrail is the most versatile hiking spot in Langkawi lies between the base station and top station of the Langkawi Cable Car.

This 2.2km uphill trek takes you from the base station to the top station while allowing you to enjoy the charm of the dense rainforest. You also get to see the natural bliss of a 550-million years old forest that features a range of interesting animals, rare birds, and stunning flowers.

Even though it’s the shortest hike possible in Langkawi, Skytrail doesn’t lack when it comes to picturesque views at every step.

Mount Mat Cincang Peak

Now comes the most challenging peak of all. Mount Mat Cincang Peak is the most grinding trek of all; however, it is not for amateur hikers. This trail is concealed from the general public but the most accomplished hikers know where to find it and how to submit it.

Starting from the base, the trek takes around 640 steps to reach the Seven waterfalls. And then you walk uphill through a steep trail to reach the summit of the mountain (701 meters above sea level) while passing through a rainforest. You will enjoy an ultimate panoramic view of Langkawi Island from the top.

The duration of the hike can be around 4-5 hours, depending on your fitness level. Trek to Mat Cincang Peak is sure to test both your upper body and lower body strength.

These are some of the many natural treks of Langkawi that are open around the year. However, before planning your trip, check the weather forecast for rain and pack accordingly.

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