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SkyGlide story

SkyGlide is a cabin type of transport that can move upward and downward according to a certain incline level. In, general, the design of the cabin is like an elevator with the finishing of glass panels on all sides. This is to allow visitors to have a clear view of mount Machincang and its surroundings. 

Currently visitor who wish to visit SkyBridge will have to take a short 10 minutes’ walk through a jungle trail. This short walk is both fun but a bit challenging especially to the elderly and children. However with SkyGlide visitor would have a much faster and convenient way of visiting SkyBridge. 

With 94 meters of track length, SkyGlide cabin can accommodate up to 12 passengers or 1050 kilogram of load per trip. It takes less than 2 minutes for the cabin to travel from top station to SkyBridge. SkyGlide ticket is sold separately from the standard SkyCab ticket. 

The ticket is available only from the SkyGlide ticketing counter at our top station. For an additional fee of RM16 for adult and RM11 for children, visitors would be able to use SkyGlide for both your travel and return journey. 

For the adventurous that might prefer to take a walk to SkyBridge but later would love to try our SkyGlide ride for your return trip back to top station, you can purchase your one way ticket at our mobile counter at SkyBridge.

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