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Telaga Tujuh
Langkawi's most captivating natural performances

Seven Wells Waterfall

Telaga Tujuh story

Named after seven natural pools connected by a gushing river, Seven Wells Waterfall is one of Langkawi’s most captivating natural performances. Located within the Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park, the falls are split into 2 sections, the upper pools and the lower pools, separated by a striking vertical waterfall cascading down a 91-meter-high cliff face.

Cooling down in a refreshing natural pool is the reward for hiking through the humid rainforest to reach the zen-laden waterfall, amidst leafy trees with cheeky monkeys swinging between their branches.

First up are the lower pools, reached after climbing around 200 steps. These are the most popular for their ease of access, view of the vertical waterfall, and large plunge pool at the bottom of a slippery rockface. Dedicated hikers continue the climb totaling 638 steps to reach the upper pools. Here you’ll find the fall’s namesake 7 pools of various depths, shapes, and sizes. The pools are connected by a river forming a smooth natural waterslide along the slick rock.

The most tempting yet potentially-treacherous pool is a natural infinity pool at the mouth of the waterfall. Foolhardy swimmers must be extremely careful to not get swept over the edge by the deceptively-strong river current.


The Seven Wells waterfall, also known as Telaga Tujuh, gets its name from seven cascades which feed seven fresh water pools. It is situated next to the oriental village near the base of Mount Machinchang in Langkawi. As per a local legend, the seven wells of Telaga Tujuh are bathing pools of the fairies, and they give its water a mystical healing capacity.


The top of the waterfall is accessible by a steep climb of 600 steps which takes close to one hour with considerable effort. A dip in one of the pools at the top is the classic way to lose the heat and sweat generated from the climb. The flowing water has created an irresistible natural slide for entering the pool. If you don’t prefer to get wet, the view from the top of the falls is quite magnificent and worth the climb. For a less strenuous approach, visit the base of the falls for an equally beautiful scene and bathe in the lowest of the seven pools. There are hardly any facilities near the waterfall and it is best to bring ample drinking water and refreshments for the climb.


The wet season from September to December, when there is plenty of water, is the best time to visit Telaga Tujuh. However, during this season the rocky surface around the fall can be very slippery. Hence, one must be extremely careful when walking on slopes or near the edge of the cliff. Also, monkeys around this waterfall are especially opportunistic. Be wary of them as they might try to snatch your bags expecting to find some food.



从海拔最高的海拔708米的最高车站(Top Station)上楼梯,步行一小段路程即可将游客带到玛景樟山顶的两个观景台。平台所展现的令人惊叹的景色,玛景樟山最独特和令人兴奋的功能会让游客惊叹不已,在占主导地位的岩石塔峰中,提供了兰卡威群岛和泰国南部的壮观360度全景,以及深深的峡谷的壮丽景色,悬在悬崖墙壁和孤立的石峰上。除兰卡威外,很少有人会在其他地方看到这种自然历史遗迹。

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