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best hotel in langkawi
Panorama Langkawi

Panorama Langkawi


Are you looking for the best Langkawi hotel or just the nearest one to the Langkawi airport? Planned your trip, but still can’t decide on which Langkawi sea view hotels to stay? 

There are so many choices. There are guest houses, homestays, 5-star Langkawi resorts and Langkawi sea view hotels. 

Choosing a hotel is not difficult, but choosing the best one that matches your requirements may require some extra work. Luckily there is Trivago. It helps to cut to the chase. 

We made our filtering simple for this example. We selected :

  • Four days and three nights stay
  • 8-star and above guest rating
  • Shower
  • Air-conditioning
  • Free WiFi
  • Sorted by rating and recommended

Based on the selection above, here is a list of 10 Best Langkawi Hotels & Resort According to Trivago.

1. Fuuka Villa

Fuuka Villa is in the village area of Kedawang, Langkawi. The white beach of Pantai Tengah is just 5 minutes away. If you don’t mind walking, Pantai Cenang is 15 minutes away. It has a swimming pool if you are too lazy to walk to the beach. 

Langkawi Airport is 10 km away.

2. Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa

It has two restaurants, two open-air swimming pools with slides, a holistic spa, and a sea-view fitness suite with a steam room and sauna. What to expect when it is a 5-star Langkawi resort? It is also the most popular resort in Pantai Cenang. 

There are so many things to do here. Activities include squash, tennis, archery, mini-golf and cycling. There’s also a kids’ club where your children can enjoy fishing, kite-making and visits to the small on-site petting farm. 

Langkawi Airport is 7 km away.

3. Hotel The Danna Langkawi

Hotel The Danna Langkawi is in Pantai Kok. It has a three tier-infinity swimming pool if you prefer it rather than going to the beach. It also has a spa and fitness centre, billiard and reading room and a children’s club. 

Langkawi Airport is about 11 km away.

4. Tropical Resort Langkawi

Tropical Resort Langkawi is another recommended accommodation when visiting Langkawi. Located in Pantai Tengah, the nearest attraction is the Langkawi Underwater World which is 900 m away. The nearest mall is the Cenang Mall which is less than 2 km away.

5. Hotel Cenang Plaza Beach

Another Langkawi hotel located in the heart of Langkawi and it is only 140 meters to the beach. If you enjoy the sun and the white sandy beaches this Langkawi sea view hotel should be your pick. 

Both Tropical Resort Langkawi and Hotel Cenang Plaza Beach are only about 10 km away from Langkawi airport. 

6. The Gemalai Village

If you want something unique, something like a homestay Langkawi, check out the Gemalai Village. It consists of six kampung huts built over the paddy fields at Laman Padi. Rooms are traditionally styled and well equipped with a partially open-air bathroom. 

Many Instagram-worthy spots. 

7. Telaga Terrace Boutique Resort

This Langkawi resort is just a 5-minute walk from the nearest beach and a 10-minute walk from Laman Padi Langkawi. There are many restaurants, bars, and cafes within a 10-minute walk of the resort. Finding food is easy.

Langkawi Underwater World and the Cenang Mall are also not far away.

8. Inapan Aishah

Inapan Aishah is the cheapest Langkawi hotels on the list. It is a popular choice among locals. Pantai Cenang is 1 km away, and it is about 8 km from Langkawi airport.

9. Berjaya Langkawi Resort

A 5-star Langkawi resort with its private beach you should not miss. The chalets that are set amidst the rich tropical rainforest and over the enchanting waters of the Burau Bay have spectacular views. One of the best-secluded resorts around.

It’s only 650 m from the Oriental Village and Langkawi Cable Car, but quite far from the Langkawi airport. 

10. Hotel Casa Del Mar Langkawi

Another Langkawi sea view hotel at Pantai Cenang. A perfect sanctuary for couples looking for a private and peaceful retreat. A honeymoon perhaps? 

You will find the Mediterranean design and its aesthetically pleasing interior very romantic. It’s not only beautiful but stylish too.

There you go, the 10 Best Langkawi Hotels & Resort According to Trivago.

You should notice that we did not display any of the hotel rates. It depends a lot on when you are visiting Langkawi. It will be cheaper on the low season while more expensive on the high season.

For your information, the high season for tourist flow to Langkawi is between January to March. The daytime temperature is also the hottest during this time.

The midseason is between April to August. Langkawi hotel rates should be cheaper. Expect occasional rains with cloudy sky and thunderstorms. However, they are usually short-lived.

The low season is between September to October. It is the wet season in Langkawi. It will rain for about 2 hours a day, which means you will still get about 6 to 7 hours of sunshine. However, the ocean would be a little bit rough, thus limiting the boat tours for island hopping and water-based activities.

We hope that now, it is easier for you to choose a Langkawi hotel or maybe just a homestay in Langkawi. If you can’t book any of Langkawi sea view hotels or Langkawi resorts during the high season, get it during the low season.

Enjoy your stay!

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