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What To Eat In Langkawi?

Langkawi is a picturesque destination in Malaysia made up of 99 islands. The beauty surrounding Langkawi is ultimate. But more than that, it’s the food that will make your go crazy for Langkawi.

Here are the best places to eat in Langkawi; let’s make your visit a very scrumptious one.

The Nest Rooftop

While it doesn’t serve alcohol, the view is enough to get you high. Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Pantai Cenang island, Nest rooftop is one of the best places to dine. Due to its popularity, there is always a little wait at The Nest Rooftop, but the wait is worth it with big portions and good food. Their best dishes are sirloin steak, and lamb steak served with potato wedges and salad. Apart from that, chicken satay, samosas, calamari are also great appetizers to try.

Scarborough Fish & Chips

There is nothing better than a good sea-view, cold beer, and most delicious Fish & Chips. If you have the same notion as us, Scarborough Fish & Chips, Langkawi is the best place to be. This gem of a restaurant is located on the far northern side of Langkawi. Scarborough Fish & Chips is known not only for its food but also for its secluded beaches.

Apart from the fish and chips platter, you can also enjoy freshly grilled and fried fish dishes with sweet watermelon juice and cold beer.

Yellow Beach Café

For more hustle and bustle, head to Cenang Beach, and enjoy the western cuisine at Yellow Beach Café. It’s the liveliest café in Langkawi, with beach views, a colorful atmosphere, and food that will leave your taste buds screaming for more.

The informal dine-in setup is what makes this café unique. Enjoy sitting with your friends on bean bags right on the beach, or choose chair swings to relax and unwind. Order their special pizzas, pasta, and grilled meats, and stop feeling homesick.

My French Factory

My French Factory is a highly acclaimed restaurant in Langkawi, primarily due to its melt-in-the-mouth crepes. With generous portions and the best price range, this is one of the best restaurants to eat at.

Compared to the rest of the restaurants on our list, this is a bit small, and hence you will have to wait your turn for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes. Apart from their famous crepes, you can also enjoy a galette stuffed with mushrooms, tomato sauce, ham, egg, and cheese.

The Fat Frog, Restaurant & Shop

Craving for European and Asian cuisine, head over to “The Fat Frog, Restaurant & Shop.” You must be intrigued by the name, but trust us, the name is just the beginning. This quaint restaurant overlooks an unopened golf course, so the greenery and a beautiful view are a given.

Moreover, you can get many vegetarian options, different kinds of Wings as well as Mexican Burgers. Great view, reasonable price, and friendly staff, the Fat Frog wins on all accounts.  


Langkawi may not be your typical food haven, but it does have some gems under its belt that are worth experiencing.

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