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VR Universal

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VR Universal brings you the next level theme park experience where you can enjoy your adventure in the immersive VR world! VR Universal incorporated 12 exciting attractions in a 12,000sqft outlet that you may interact physically with the in-game or friends in another dimension.

In VR Universal, you could turn yourself into a ghost master to fight against “JiangShi”, the Chinese zombie, in VR So Scary. Or, you could compete/team up with friends to defeat the enemies and defend the core in Omni Arena. For the extreme game lovers, get ready to turn your world upside down with 720◦ spinning Gyro Gasing!

Defy reality and immerse your senses in the impossible at VR Universal—where action and adventure await you at every attraction. Enjoy the unreal journey with your friends & family to unlock your limit in the VR world!

Come and find out more about us at www.vr-universal.com now!

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