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Langkawi SkyBridge
Panorama Langkawi

Panorama Langkawi

Langkawi Tourist Destinations You Mustn’t Miss

The best tourist destination around Langkawi are the natural landscapes, parks, and technological feats of humankind. The large island is one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist destinations because it offers its visitors so much variety. There is a lot to see and do, but here are our five favorite must-see spots in Langkawi.

  • Dataran Square

Dataran Square is an iconic location because of the magnificent 12-meter tall eagle sculpture dominating the landscape. With wings outstretched, the giant eagle is poised to take flight and soar over the many restaurants, duty-free shopping, and miniature fountains and terraces that dot the area. The seaside location provides a relaxing vantage point to enjoy the afternoon breezes as you watch the ferries travel across the bay.

  • Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

The Langkawi locals say the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls are home to the faeries. The falls are found on the western headlands, and the name means Seven Wells Waterfalls, which is referring to a series of seven natural pools all connected and fed by seven different waterfalls. Visitors who enjoy a physical challenge will want to brave the steep 45-minute climb to the top of the waterfalls or enjoy a refreshing dip in the cool waters. If you’re lucky, you will spy some of the wildlife native to the area, including macaques, squirrels, and hornbills.

  • Kilim Geo Park and Mangroves

The Kilim Geo Park and Mangroves is a nature reserve of natural geological formations covering some 100 square kms. You will need to head to the water and travel by boat to take in the massive limestone rocks, mangrove swamps, spectacular island views, beaches, and lagoons. During the tour, you will also pass through fish farms where you will be able to feed stingrays. There are also opportunities to feed eagles and monkeys along the way.

  • Pulau Dayang Bunting and Lake of the Pregnant Maiden

This area is home to a beautiful freshwater lake at the Dayang Buntin Island. An island paradise of lush rainforests surrounded by low-set hills. You can enjoy a refreshing dip in the lake or take part in a spot of bird watching. The island is just off the main Langkawi island and is easily accessible by boat, with lots of boat tours that can drop you off so you can enjoy this picturesque location. 

  • Langkawi SkyBridge

If you have ever wanted to feel like you are suspended in the sky while enjoying magnificent ocean views, the SkyBridge is the answer to your dreams. Opened to the public in 2004, the SkyBridge is a 700m walk above sea level, with only a single pylon in the middle to remind you of the solid ground below. The pylon stretches 82 meters from its mountain grounding and keeps the bridge suspended to provide an unobstructed panoramic view for up to 250 visitors at a time. Because the bridge curves around the mountain, the view is always changing as you move along it to create a truly unforgettable experience.

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