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Best Langkawi Beaches
Panorama Langkawi

Panorama Langkawi

5 Best Beaches in Langkawi that You Must Visit

If you are in Langkawi and looking to explore the beaches and tropical seaside of the island, we have them listed down.

Langkawi is, in fact, home to several mesmerizing beaches where you can chill and enjoy a rejuvenating sunbath in the blue waters.

Below is the list of the five best beaches in Langkawi that you must visit when on the island.

Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang is Langkawi’s busiest beach town, featuring a wide mix of restaurants, souvenir shops, duty-free outlets, and the scenic beach strip.

Pantai Cenang’s vast beach, with its white sands and blue waters, is ideal for sunbathing and water activities like jet skiing and parasailing. Its coastline offers a lovely view of scraggly rock formations and the beachfront offers a vibrant nightlife with a plethora of pubs and lounges.

2 kilometers of its pearly white sand gives way to cool waves. and jet-skiing gives a spectacular view of the distant hills. Carry the right hat, and you’ll feel like a pirate too!

Tanjung Rhu Beach

Tanjung Rhu is a beach to visit if you want to spend a more laid-back, pleasant day in the sun.  You’ll have to drive through a lush jungle corridor to get to this beach.

Tanjung Rhu is a crisp and clean beach, located away from the city buzz in a remote corner of Langkawi. With crystal-clear waters, powder-fine sand, and swinging coconut trees, the beach offers a more rejuvenating experience to its visitors.

People who hang out here are mainly guests of the lovely 5-star hotel facing the beach.

Pasir Tengkorak Beach

Located on Langkawi’s northwestern shore, Pantai Pasir Tengkorak is a small yet gorgeous beach surrounded by woodland. It has clear, clean water and is covered by stunning views of the adjacent islands and mountains.

This peaceful beach has soft white sands and clear waters, ideal for relaxing after a long day of visiting Langkawi Island. The beach is only four kilometers east of Datai Bay and is often neglected by tourists due to its remote location.

Pantai Tengah Beach

Tengah Beach is essentially an extension of Pantai Cenang. It is Langkawi’s longest stretch of beach, featuring a few basic chalets and some large, all-inclusive resorts that are especially popular among young families.

While being rather close to the Cenang beach, Tengah beach feels much different. Since it’s some distance away from the main town, the area always feels quiet and serene. The coastline isn’t surrounded by hill formations, giving the beach a more open field ambiance.

With the sands flocked by palm trees, Tengah beach gives the vibes of a tropical dreamland. The lack of jet skis skipping around allows you to marvel at the water’s hues of green and blue. If you’re looking for a more secluded excursion, Tengah Beach is for you.

Shark Bay Beach

No, there are no exciting shark stories at this beach. This is a lovely stretch of sandy beach with clear, tranquil water. Shark Bay beach got its name from a few shark-shaped stones that were placed on the beach promenade.

It is located between Black Sand Beach and Pantai Pasir Tengkorak and has calm waters, cozy resting huts, and a promenade with spectacular views. Shark Bay Beach is particularly popular among families due to its quiet, shallow waters, which are ideal for swimming even for children.

To Wrap it Up

Langkawi is full of beauty and captures the beach life perfectly. It’s a hidden gem that radiates a golden, warm presence. Have fun visiting the heavenly beaches of Langkawi.

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