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Picture of Panorama Langkawi

Panorama Langkawi

Is Panorama Langkawi Really Worth It

Would you fancy an aerial, panoramic view of beautiful islands afloat in blue waters? Wouldn’t it just be like a scene in an adventure movie? 

If so, you need to take that cable car to Panorama Langkawi!

Langkawi, which has quickly become South East Asia’s top tourist destination, is home to real tropical beauty. 

And it invites you to be mesmerized by panoramic views of the ocean from its Sky Bridge – a model of engineering brilliance in nature’s wonderland.

Panorama Langkawi is for the adventurers, souls that thrive on thrill and nature’s wonders. It’s a suspension bridge, hundreds of meters above sea level, offering views of Langkawi’s mountain range, neighboring islands, and the crystal blue ocean!

But should you really be excited about some bridge that, quite literally, takes you to the top of the world? Panorama Langkawi offers an experience of its kind.

To find out more about Langkawi’s man-made wonder and the adventure that this trip is about!

What’s Panorama Langkawi?

Langkawi is beautiful and offers a lot to tourists, from sightseeing to water sports. But nothing tops the views from Panorama Langkawi – the island’s sky bridge.

Suspended above Mount Mat Cinchnag, this pedestrian bridge allows adventure-seekers to soak in the aerial views of Langkawi and the neighboring island from approximately 700 meters above sea level.

Every step along this 125-meter-long sky bridge offers a sight to behold. From stunning views of the Telega Tujuh waterfall on the Langkawi island to the sights of the Tarutao Island on the horizon, Panorama Langkawi has a lot in store for you!

Don’t worry about it being a suspension bridge! It has been built to support two hundred and fifty pedestrians. So, you can be sure of a safe walk above the island!

If you don’t wish to hike your way to the top, you can take a ride in the cable car, known as the sky cab, which offers another opportunity of watching the mountains from mid-air!

The Sky Cab

Forest trails can be hard to traverse. Plus, if you wish to conserve your energy for the sky bridge, a cable car facility is also available. It is known as the Sky Cab here.

Located in one of the oldest inhabited areas of SouthEast Asia, this ride will offer you a real tropical experience with views of the Mat Cinchang mountain, the forests and the valley below, and some traditional houses.

The ride begins at the beautiful Oriental Village near Pantai Kok. The Sky Cab allows you to see the natural beauty of Langkawi and observe its colors of life too.

The SkyDome

The SkyDome, equipped with 12 projectors, is an observatory connected to Panorama Langkawi. It amps up the adventure with a 3-D view of the breathtakingly gorgeous tropical landscape around.

Last but not least, the sky bridge also offers you a SkyBoutique and SkyBistro for shopping and refreshments. You can take the Sky Glide down from the observatory to the sky bridge.

Oh, and there are plenty of photo opportunities everywhere. So, if you have a knack for nature photography or capturing moments, you’d love it at Panorama Langkawi for sure!

How Much Does It Cost?

The Sky Bridge pass is for RM6 for an adult and RM4 for a child. The Sky Cab will cost you RM35 per adult and RM25 per child aged 2-12 years. 

And the SkyGlide costs RM16 for an adult and RM11 for a child. You can cut the cost if you skip the Sky Cab and hike your way to the top instead. 

Conclusion: It’s An Adventure Like None Other!

Life won’t give you many chances of experiencing a whole different dimension; a 3D world, innovative elevator rides on hills 700 meters above sea level!

If you are planning on exploring South East Asia, take a tour of Panorama Langkawi! It’s an adventure like none other… really!

Panorama Langkawi is an experience worth your time, money, and energy. A trip to Langkawi, Malaysia will be incomplete without it.

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