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How to Langkawi guide
Panorama Langkawi

Panorama Langkawi

How Can I get to Langkawi? A Travel Guide

Langkawi is one of the best places to visit if you are looking to explore nature and have some swell adventure experiences. And while the island may look remote on the map, getting there is fairly easy.

For people already residing in Malaysia, the journey is pretty smooth. And if you are visiting Kuala Lumpur or surrounding cities with a valid visa and passport, you can take the following routes to reach Langkawi. It is best if you prepare an itinerary to visit Langkawi.

Getting to Langkawi Via National Destinations

By Air- From Kuala Lumpur

Langkawi island is a minimum of an hour away from Kuala Lumpur (KL) if you are traveling by air. Domestic travelers- who are residents of Malaysia, can enter Langkawi without needing any papers or a passport.

But for international travelers, you will need your passport and visa handy. Your plane will land at the Langkawi International Airport from KL.  From there, you can get a cab to your hotel in Langkawi or explore the island.

By Sea- From KL and Thailand

You can easily reach Langkawi from Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis, Penang, or Satun (Thailand) via a ferry boat. The ferry leaves from Kuala Perlis every hour from 7 AM-7 PM.

Apart from that, you can also take a high-speed KTM ETS train from KL Sentral to Arau in Kuala Lumpur to reach Langkawi. The ride from KL takes about 5 hours minimum.

By Bus- From Kuala Lumpur

 From Puduraya Bus Terminal and Duta Bus Terminal, you can get a ticket for about RM 30-RM 40 to Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah. These are jump-off points to Langkawi.

By Train- From Kuala Lumpur  

You can also book a sleeper class train for as low as RM34 from KL Sentral and reach Senandung Langkawi; it’s the third last stop. Set the alarm or you might find yourself in Thailand, that’s the last stop.

Getting to Langkawi from International Destinations

Getting to Langkawi from international destinations like Thailand, Australia, or China is easy since Langkawi island has an international airport.

However, you will need permits and visa documents to reach Langkawi from international destinations. If you are traveling from your home country to Langkawi via bus, ferry, or airplane, you will be checked at customs for proper documentation and visa.

You will need a valid passport, with a validity of 6 months from your date of travel. You will also need an authorization document from the Malaysian government if your passport isn’t recognized by the Malaysian authorities; these details are generally taken care of at the time of booking and visa approval.

Conditions and Requirements to Apply Visa to Enter Malaysia

  • Proof of funds for staying in Malaysia
  • A valid and confirmed return ticket to your home country
  • A tour or social visit requires a single-entry visa to enter Malaysia. It stays valid for 3 months from the approval date.

Final Words

Langkawi is open all year round with a pleasant temperature of 30-35°C during the day and a bit lower at night. December and April are the most popular months to visit Langkawi.

It has many adventures in-store for tourists from around the world, including beaches, forests, and Cable cars.

I hope this guide helps you find your way to getting Langkawi with ease.

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